York WordPress theme updates - April 2015

To provide a more consistent schedule for implementing and communicating changes to the York WordPress theme and to ensure efficiency, M&CS and UIT have established a schedule during the year for any significant visual or navigation link changes to the theme. The months for making these changes will be in April, August and December. An email notification will be sent out in advance, outlining these changes.

If there are significant changes that are urgent and need to be made prior to the schedule, an email notification will be sent out to advise of the changes.

Other changes such as new features or revised implementations will be made live on the central York WordPress theme whenever they are ready. A summary of these changes made since the last update will be included in the scheduled emails.

All of the changes mentioned will also be posted on this site.

If you are using the central York WordPress theme, changes will happen automatically and should not affect the functioning of your site. If your site has its' own copy of the York WordPress theme, you can request a copy of the updated central theme to apply the changes to your site by contacting devproj@yorku.ca.

To date, changes to the York WordPress theme have included:

  • links added to the Global Navigation Quick Links panel, including:
    • Campus Maps and Directory buttons
    • Resources - Sexual Violence
    • Teaching and Learning
    • Moodle
  • central Google Analytics code updated
  • Instagram social media button added
  • new functional footer template section added
  • documentation on creating grid columns posted
  • url can now be specified for Department/Unit site title