Video content is a popular addition to many pages. They can break up text, illustrate concepts discussed elsewhere, or even promote an event or person.

In order to make your video content available to all your visitors, we strongly recommend that any video / audio you include on your page include captions (words on-screen that describe both the words being spoken and the noises being made throughout the video) and transcripts (a written transcript separate from the video that details both all the spoken words in the video and any scene change descriptions) unless it’s live-streamed.



How to Implement:

The following instructions are for use with online streaming services such as YouTube or Vimeo:

  1. Find your movie online (on YouTube, Vimeo, etc.)
  2. Copy the code provided for embedding your video on another webpage
  3. Log into WordPress
  4. Select the page you’d like to place the video on
  5. Use the Text view to edit your content
  6. In the spot where you’d like to add your video, use the following code (with the embed code you've copied replacing the iframe line included here):
<div class="videoWrapper">
[place copied iframe code here] 

Note Use full screen videos on pages with a sidebar. Full screen videos on no-sidebar pages will be too big and extend beyond the fold.