The website’s colours mirror York’s colours: Red, Black, Grey and White.

Use the following colours in specific ways:

York Red
hex: #e31837
Use York Red for 'actionable' items: elements that are clickable or that you can otherwise interact with (eg. links).
Dark Red
hex: #9a0100
Use to indicate a change in state, like when an actionable element is hovered over or clicked on.
Light Grey
Use for widget backgrounds or to differentiate alternate rows on tables.

The following colours have been pre-coded into the template:

For text
For backgrounds
For H1, H3, and H5 headers only

Accessibility Issues:

All colours have met accessibility guideline rules for colour contrast when used against a white background. If you plan on using them with other background colours, be sure to test to make sure you meet a minimum of WCAG Level A compliance.