Headings should be assigned incrementally based on the heading's importance. The title of your page (in the title field) automatically is assigned H1. There should be only one H1 on a page. Each subsequent heading should be assigned based on whether it is a sub-heading to the title (H2), a sub-heading to a sub-heading (H3), etc.

You should never skip a heading level and headings should never be assigned based on aesthetics.

To assign a heading:

  1. Highlight the text you wish to use
  2. Click on the dropdown marked 'Paragraph'
  3. Select the heading level appropriate for your text

H1 - Lorum Ipsum

H2 - Lorum Ipsum

H3 - Lorum Ipsum

H4 - Lorum Ipsum

H5 - Lorum Ipsum
H6 - Lorum Ipsum