Lists should be marked up via code rather than manually numbered and / or indented. This allows screen readers to indicate to visitors that a list follows and they are able to interact appropriately with it. It also enables your layout to display properly across devices.

This is an example of an ordered list, with a nested unordered list:

  1. this is the first item;
  2. this is the second item;
    1. this is the first sub-item;
      • this is an unnumbered sub-sub-item;
    2. this is the second sub-item;
  3. this is the third item;
  4. this is the fourth item; and
  5. this is the fifth item.

How to Implement:

  1. Highlight the text you wish to use
  2. Click on the button with either the three lines preceded with bullets or numbers

If bullets or numbers fail to appear next to an item, put your cursor at the beginning of the line and type your 'return' key.