WordPress urls at York are automatically formatted as one of the following:

  • yoursite.info.yorku.ca
  • yoursite.blog.yorku.ca
  • yoursite.college.yorku.ca
  • yoursite.lab.yorku.ca
  • yoursite.news.yorku.ca
  • yoursite.student-org.yorku.ca
  • yoursite.scld.yorku.ca
  • yoursite.gradstudies.yorku.ca

However, when in print or advertising, your url should be formatted as
yorku.ca/yoursite. This url should, in turn, redirect visitors to your WordPress site.

The yorku.ca/yoursite url will not be created automatically. Instead, if you don’t already have the url, you must request it via ITHelp (email). When making the request, ask that the new url redirect to your WordPress url.