Right Sidebar

Use the Right Sidebar for items that are complementary to the main content (ie. supplemental elements). These include: links to other York or external websites, promo buttons or contact info.

Place links to other York sites or external sites here and not in the Site Navigation. Likewise, links to main pages within your website should appear in the Site Navigation, and not in the Right Sidebar.

Examples of elements to include in your Right Sidebar:

If you use social media icons and / or site search box  and / or promo button elements on your site, include them at the top of your Right Sidebar and in that order.

Items that should not be placed in your Right Sidebar include:

  • Top-level navigation items (place these in your Site Navigation area)
  • Core content (text that continues from the content area)
  • Blocks of text that are more than 65 words long (place this in the content area)

How to Place an Item in the Right Sidebar:

  1. Log into WordPress
  2. Click through Appearance > Widgets
  3. Click and drag elements from the Available Widgets section (on the left) to the 'Right Sidebar Widget Area' section on the right.

Changes are made to your site live, so there is no need to save your changes.

If on your landing/home page, you'd like to remove the right hand side bar, you can do so by choosing "No-sidebar Template" under Template in the right hand column on the edit screen of your page.

Social Media Icons are via the York Theme Options. Full instructions can be found on the 'Social Media Icons' page.