Calendars & Event Listings

Event listings or Calendars can highlight time sensitive events. They can give visual cues to visitors about upcoming events, workshops, lectures, etc.

It is recommended that calendars only be used if multiple events are taking place – empty calendars can give the appearance that your website is not being maintained!

To enable a calendar or event listing on your site:

  1. Log into WordPress
  2. Click on 'Plugins' in the left-nav
  3. Search for 'All-in-One Event Calendar by'
  4. Click 'Enable' -- an Events tab will appear in your left-navigation. You can add events and adjust your settings as you feel fit. For specific issues, see the User Guide.

Accessibility Issues:

When you place a calendar widget on your page, you are using a widget designed and coded by a third party. You do not control the coding created by the widget. Therefore, you should try your best to choose a widget that meets accessibility standards as much as possible, but sometimes that is not completely possible. If said widget does not meet standards, try to contact the widget builder with your concerns and document your communications. Currently anything outside of what the widget tool allows you to do is outside your control and you are not liable for.