Social Media Feeds

Social media feeds can provide you with an opportunity to showcase your social media activity without your visitors needing to leave your page. If want to display a feed, use the provided widget from the social media service / website.

Whenever possible, style your widgets using the York colour palette.

How to Implement:

  1. Find the feed widget on the social media service of your choice
  2. Copy the code provided for embedding your feed on another webpage
  3. Log into WordPress
  4. Click through Appearance > Widgets
  5. Click and drag element a Text widget from the Available Widgets section (on the left) to the ‘Right Sidebar Widget Area’ section on the right.
  6. Paste the code you've copied from your social media service into the Text widget
  7. Click 'Save' in the Text widget to save your changes

Accessibility Issues:

When you place a Social Media Feed on your page, you are accepting that you have limited control over the content that comes to your page from that feed. You do not control the content created on social media that is created by users other than yourself. Therefore, with social media, you are only liable for ensuring that you have done all you can within the confines of your social media account to meet accessibility guidelines. Anything outside of what the social media tool allows you to do is outside your control and you are not liable for.