Site Title Bar

Red Title Bar screenshot

All sites have a red Site Title Bar.

The site title should be clearly indicated and must be the name of the website and not the title of a section or page on your site. The site title will be consistent on all pages of your website.

If the site is a department or unit site and you also wish to include the site title of the parent site, use the red Site Title Bar for the parent site title, and the optional grey Department/Unit Site Title Bar for the department or unit site title.

When entering site titles, use Title Case (i.e. capitalize all words except prepositions, articles, or conjuctions) and provide a url to link to the home page of the corresponding site.

How to Implement:

  1. Log into WordPress
  2. Click Appearance > York Theme Options > Site Identity
  3. Fill in 'Site' with your site title and 'Site Link' with the site's home page url. If the site is a department or unit site and you are using both Site Title Bars, fill in "Site' and 'Site Link' with your parent site information and 'Department/Unit' and 'Department Link" with your department/unit information.
  4. Click 'Save & Publish' to save and make the changes live.