Slideshow & Photograph Area

An optional slideshow can be placed on the homepage of your website, below the Site Navigation and above the Main Content and Right Sidebar areas.

Slideshow screenshot

Use it to highlight features, news, events, or your group’s activities. The YU Responsive Slider allows you to add text to the slideshow in a way that meets accessibility standards. It will automatically be formatted with a black overlay behind the text and above the image (see the ‘How-to’ section below for details on implementation.)

York's Image Collection provides images that are available for groups on campus to use on your website(s). You can also use images from your own collections, however they must meet the minimum dimensions and be high quality.

For advice on photography or design treatments, please contact Marketing & Creative Services. (‘Design treatment’ refers to a Faculty/Department’s unique “look” made up of a combination of design elements that may or may not include photos or graphical illustrations.)

Accessibility Issues:

Any text appearing as a part of an image will be inaccessible and not meet AODA requirements. Instead, apply text over-top of your image(s) using the YU Responsive Slider slideshow tool.

Please note that the title you give to each slide will automatically be set as the alt text so please fill out accordingly.

How to Implement a Slideshow

All images used should be, at minimum, 1160px X 350px and should not contain any text.
These steps only apply if you are York U Responsive template.

For websites created after August, 2017:

  1. Log into WordPress
  2. Click & drag a the 'WP Views' widget to the 'Slideshow Area' widget area
  3. In the 'Views' dropdown selection menu choose either 'YU Slider' for the standard width slider or 'YU Slider - Wide' for the full width slider (spans across the entire page)
  4. Click on the 'Slides' option in the left navigation area
  5. Click on 'Add New' to add a slide; click on 'Slides' to see all available slides in your slideshow
  6. When adding a new slide, fill in all the following fields:
    • Mandatory Field(s): Image and Caption.
      • Keep your caption text brief as it will automatically overflow outside of the caption area if it's too long
    • Optional Field(s): Link
    • Caption Options:
      • Formatting: Style caption text with HTML tags (<em>, <strong>, <h2>, etc.)
      • No Caption Visible: To hide your caption, click 'hidden' as the 'Caption Position'.
    You must fill in the caption field as this works as Alt Text for the image.
  7. Click 'Publish' to save

For websites created before August, 2017:

  • Follow the same steps as above unless:
    • You do not see the 'Slides' option in the left navigation then please send an e-mail to to have the slider activated along with your WordPress URL.
    • You require a full width slider (not standard before August 2017) then please send an email to with your request and your WordPress URL.
Slides will appear based on the order they are added to your slideshow. If you wish to re-order them, change the 'Published On' date for the slide (newest appear first.)
All slides in your Slider will appear in your slideshow. If you wish to have a slide no longer appear, either delete it or reset its Status to 'Draft'.