The York 2014 theme includes styled buttons for your design. Place buttons in either the Main Content Area or the Right Sidebar area.

Display links as a button when you have a specific task you’d like your visitor to do (eg. “Register Now!”). They should state a call-to-action and take visitors to somewhere relevant.

Buttons should always have a hover action. This means that when a visitor moves their mouse over the button, it changes in some obvious way.

How to Implement:

The York 2014 theme includes button short-codes for you to use.

  1. Log into WordPress
  2. Select the page or widget area where you’d like to add your button
  3. If on a page editing your content, use the Text view to edit
  4. In the spot where you’d like to add your button, use the following code (placing your destination url (including http://) and text where indicated):
[yubutton link="Place your destination url here!" text="Place your text here!" /]

Accessibility Issues:

Buttons coded in this way allow screen readers and other accessibility devices to easily detect that you have a button on your page. ‘Regular’ visitors can also easily spot that your button is a clickable point on the page.

Buttons should never include text as a part of an image, nor should they be an image (see ‘How to Implement, above). When you use the button short-codes, text will be independent of the background and will ensure that the button is accessible to all visitors.